Monday, April 1, 2013

A Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday yesterday! We started the day out with some gluten free pancakes. Daniel even ate one all by himself...without syrup, but still, his appetite continues to surprise me.

After that, we headed to church. Both kids were surprisingly good. Daniel slept most of the time so I don't have any pictures from church since we were pretty busy doing church stuff and wrangling kids. :-)

Then we went to my mom's house for our traditional annual child and adult egg hunts. The Conroys made out really well this year!! I think Lily got almost $20 in cash from her eggs as well as some candy and a few little treats. My mom and Jeff make every Easter so wonderful and we love going there. Lily has been talking about the egg hunt since January. We had a great time. Lily especially loved following her cousin Kelsie around like a little duckling. :-)

Finally we met Joe's family at a restaurant for dinner. It was so good to see them and I wish we could have spent more time with them on such a special day. Both of the kids love all of their grandparents and aunts and uncles and it was such a treat for them to see so many loved ones in one day.

Of course there were a few people we dearly missed..if you think you may be one of them, you probably are. Please enjoy these photos of our Easter 2013!

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