Friday, May 16, 2014

T-ball and Parenting the Almost-Five-Year-Old

Lily started playing t-ball in the middle of March. I think she really enjoys the games, however she doesn't really enjoy the practices very much. I think there is more opportunity to misbehave (throwing dirt, picking grass, stomping on bugs, putting her glove on her head, throwing her hat, playing with her friend instead of listening to coach, you name it, she's done it) than there is at games, and we end of having a "little talk" after every single practice and after some games as well.

 Despite my frustrations with having to have a "little talk" with her after almost every practice and game I know she is learning lifelong lessons in self control, teamwork, persistence, and commitment. All of which will serve her well when she starts kindergarten in the fall.

 Her team finally won a game last weekend and she was so stoked. I think she finally got to see the effects of all the hard work and practice the team had put in so far. I hope it made an impression on her.
These kids are adorable. The league is affiliated with the Archdiocese and very Catholic. Rosaries for everyone!
 We only have a few weeks left. Her last games are the first weekend in June. After that we have the whole summer ahead of us! 

Even with the smallest uniform available it is a little big on her. My girl is tiny!
I'm a little nervous about summer and a little excited. Lily is going through an interesting developmental period right now. She is learning a lot about obedience and self control, lets put it that way. I've been a parent long enough now (five years, oh my goodness) that I know this is a phase that will pass, and overall she is an EXCELLENT kid, and I really can't complain...but quite honestly I am not looking forward to a whole summer of her current behavior pattern. On the other hand I know this is just the first summer vacation of many. And I only have her for 13 more years. I'm resolved to make the most of it and just enjoy her as much as possible. I'm sure this summer will involve a lot of personal growth for the both of us.

She is so tiny that the helmet doesn't fit her and she has to hold on to it when she runs. This is exactly as hilarious to watch as it sounds.
"So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God."
1 Corinthians 10:31

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  1. Okay, you need to film her holding that helmet. Because I need to see it. I NEED.