Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daniel is One Month Old

Daniel turned one month old today! To celebrate, I took some pictures. Lily and I also baked some cupcakes.

One month today!

He's been holding his head up for a maximum of about 15 seconds! Doing great. He also attempts to roll over every time we place him on his tummy, so we're certain he is doing it on purpose.
Today was also the first day I cooked a real dinner since Daniel was born! It took about a month after Lily was born for me to cook dinner as well. I guess I know what to expect if we have more kids! I made chicken and dumpling soup.

Daniel's "intake and paperwork" appointment with ECI is exactly a week from today. He will be 6 weeks old when he starts occupational therapy, and we will develop an IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan...I feel like learning all this new lingo is a full time job) at that time. The organization we're working with slowly adds the therapies in one at a time, so he should be doing all three-- speech, occupational, and physical --by the time he is three months old. I've been told speech therapy isn't really needed at this point since he is feeding so well. So I'm hoping we can add that one last. Since he has Down Syndrome I was told he automatically qualifies for all the therapies we want to try for him. And we want them all, so that's great.

I attempted to take one of those sibling pictures where the baby is on the older child's tummy and they're both gazing soulfully to the side into the camera (you can find an example of what that is supposed to look like if you scroll down a bit here). This is what happened when I made my very unskilled attempt. I am at least grateful he is holding his head up so well!!!
Finally, I had a question for family members: Does anyone know if we have a family history of anyone having different colored eyes (technical name is heterochromia)? I am pretty sure Daniel has one blue eye and one brown or possibly hazel eye. You can see it best in the second picture I posted. I have tried to take him out into full sunlight so I can tell for sure, but he doesn't like it and closes his eyes. There are some medical conditions associated with this so I'm hoping it is either inherited or just random.

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