Monday, September 3, 2012

Little Girl, I love you.

There is something special about that first dance class. I was a little older than Lily when I took my very first, and I remember it pretty well. When you're a girl child, ballet seems to be the height of femininity and grace--and of course you feel like the most beautiful princess in that leotard and your ballerina slippers. It was an emotional experience watching Lillian Frances.

She had a "dress code"--pink tights, leotard, slippers, and hair up--but since she had such a selection thanks to her Aunt Jaci and Uncle Daniel, I let her pick out just which pink leotard she wanted to wear to that very first class. The one she picked was classic Lily: one with an attached flowing skirt, but embellished at the top with shiny metal studs. My girly-girl with some spunk.

She was so excited that sitting still for pictures did not happen. This was the best I got!
One thing about living so near family that I absolutely love is that when anyone has any sort of important life event, everyone shows up to support them. Other than myself, Lily had five other relatives come to observe her first ballet class and be there for that milestone. It makes me emotional every time. I am so grateful that our children are constantly reminded how very loved they are by so many people.

One awesome benefit for me was that I could just observe her class without having to worry about taking pictures! Such a gift, as I was wearing Daniel in the baby carrier and having to also take pictures would have been extremely stressful. My father-in-law Jack took all of the rest of the photos on this entry, including the one above. :-)

Of course I am slightly biased, as I feel that my daughter is the best, most talented little girl in the world, but I think she did a great job at her first class. No, she didn't do everything perfectly. But she tried hard, and I think she impressed the teacher a few times with what she could do. I have a feeling it won't take long for her to get used to this type of class and excel. But even if she doesn't, that's okay.

The important thing is, Lily got to feel like a ballerina princess. What girl could ask for anything more?


  1. Looks like being a ballerina comes naturally to Lily. Must be in the genes!

    1. Thank you! I don't know what genes those would be...I didn't take ballet for very long! Now if she starts singing one day I would agree with you...haha!