Sunday, September 16, 2012

She's Crafty

So I thought I'd change up this blog post a little bit from the norm. And maybe show off a little. :-)

As some of you may know I like to sew and knit. And with so many babies being born recently I've done a lot of sewing and knitting. So here are some of the items I've made in the past months for Daniel as well as some beloved friends' babies:

Going-home outfit for Daniel. I sewed the pants and embroidered the shirt

Wool diaper soaker I knit for Daniel. He stopped fitting it just about the time I found out cloth diapers weren't the best for him at the present time. I also knit him a grey one but I don't have a picture of it yet!

Pants for baby Ben.

Knit vest for baby Ben. I found the buttons at Walmart of all places after searching all of my hoity-toity knitting shops!
Pants for Daniel from my favorite fabric in the world.

Semi-matching pants for baby Parker :-) As you can tell I couldn't bear to part with more than just a little of the fabric!

 And this is just the stuff I have pictures of! I think I'd like to share my crafts with you all every few weeks because it is such a large part of my life and what makes me happy. :-) I'm a much better knitter than I am a sewer (as some of you experienced sewers may have noticed...) but I enjoy both very much.

She seeks out wool and flax
and weaves with skillful hands.
- Proverbs 31:13

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