Friday, October 12, 2012

The Last Mommy/Lily Date- 31 for 21, day 6

Lily/Mommy dates had to go on hold this week. Last Monday we were still in the hospital for half the day, and today half of our family was under the weather. Lily had a fever last night so we didn't go to a playdate this morning as planned, nor did we go to ballet. And daddy wasn't feeling well either and came home after working a half day! We did go for a walk and make a short Target run, but today was pretty boring, all told.

Last Friday we went to Seaworld!!! So, please enjoy some pics of our visit! Hopefully next week we can start over again and have more fun Mommy/Lily dates to share. :-)

Seaworld has Hallowe'en themed everything now.

This is what Lily does now when we ask her to smile. I have mixed feelings about this...haha!

During the sea lion show.


Sea lion in a Hulk mask!

Catch you later!

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